Project Description
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  • 18 Tháng Mười Một, 2017

The house is located in a new urban area, fitting the needs and activities of a family of four. The structure of the houses in this project are solid, uniform and consistent in height, setback space and number of floors. The basic problem is how to make this space meets all the functional needs of a four-person family with two grown-up sons without being obtrusive.

Ground floor is used for parking and auxiliary space such as warehouse, maid room…The mezzanine becomes the main living space with the living room in the front and the kitchen in the back. The spaces upstairs are divided into front – back areas, with toilets arranged flexibly depending on each function to ensure ventilation and interior decoration. Stairwells are smartly placed not to break apart spaces, and atriums properly positioned so that any place in the house can be replenished with natural light.

The homeowners chose oak to be the main interior material, and the house is elegantly decorated with the main focus on perfecting floor – roof – wall, avoiding unnecessary details. Not only does the finished house is synchronous with the whole area, but it is also some charming with an elegant exterior and gentle interior spaces, expressing the family’s that value of usability, cleanliness, neatness and openness.

Drawings of the plan, cross section of the house.

Address: Street 7, Phu My residential area, District 7

Design: Kien Xanh
Technical supervision: Kien Xanh
Photo: Kxhomes