Project Description

Owner: Dr. Ton That Minh

Photo: Kxhomes

This house can be seen as an example of the kind of building that has nothing to boast about. But many friends and visitors compliment that the simple style is “practical and timeless”, especially after they understand the area’s restrictions, and the owner’s funding and view on housing.

The homeowner is a physician with a home office, so when buying land in this convenient location for work and accommodation, he chose a project with prebuilt uniform townhouses. The main problem is how to design and execute interior furniture that meets all the living needs, but with as little impact on the structure as possible, as well as not violating general regulations, and unobtrusive.

Since the ground floor is used for the reception and examination room, the first floor turns into the main living space with the living room in the front and the kitchen in the back. Most of the furniture are passed down from the old house, such as the altar and kitchen cabinets, so the interior designs are focused on highlighting the ceiling and trying to open up as many windows as possible. Living room is also used for karaoke occasions with friends and is simply decorated, favoring deep color and some lightweight layout of cabinets and sound system. The bedrooms are similar in that way, utilizing items from the old house, with some new pieces of furniture to harmonize and unify the whole house.

The house, when done, has a look that is both synchronous with the whole area, but is also charming with warm yellow exterior and some gentle touches to the interior spaces. This represents the values of a medical family: usability, cleanliness, neatness and warmth.

Drawings of the plan, cross section of the house.

Address: Him Lam Residential Area, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City

Design and construction: Kien Xanh