Project Description

Owner: Mr Giap - Ms. Thuy

Photo: Kxhomes

What do you think nGt means?

First of all, my name is Giap, my wife is Thuy, so we called our house “home of GT”!

All the layout of the house revolves around the atrium in the middle. Those who visit the house are always most impressed by the “gigantic” atrium since the architect “forced” the owners to open 4m worth of sky! Sunshine pours in from this atrium even more than from the front and back yard. And it’s okay to forget to close the roof on showery days, since it’s a perfect occasion to water the small garden right beneath.

The building cost is reasonably calculated, and is even reduced by the fact that the flooring areas are made smaller due to the large atrium, also because the materials used are not too sophisticated

Homeowners are open-minded, always willing to open the door to introduce their home to those who are and are about to build a house.

Drawings of the plan, cross section of the house.

Address: Street 12, Nam Long Residential Area, Tan Thuan Dong Ward, District 7

Design and construction: Kien Xanh