Theme: Selected Greens

Project Description
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  • 18 Tháng Mười Một, 2017

Owner: Luong Thanh Vung

Constructed in 2015

Address: Bien Hoa, Dong Nai

The building is located in a quiet part in the center of Bien Hoa city.
It has the combined area of 2 normal townhouses, so the greatest advantage is the additional “breathing” surface despite being in an alleyway.

The logical use of split-leveling along with suitable green spaces in both backyard and front yard make the house multi-dimensionally connected, increase natural lighting and create various views outside from different angles.
The designer was careful with the choice of plants as well as their positions, making the green spaces suitable and maintainable.

The consultant and supervise agency were selective about the material and color of their designs, avoided overusing natural materials and focused on the durability of the structures instead.
Areas such as the rooftop vegetable garden and the elder’s room are coming to the completion stage, guarantee an even more enjoyable and convenient living space for the owners.
Touches of selective wood and rock create a simple yet interesting interior theme, with the help of suitable impressive sections.